Give 24 provides a way to bring together the key elements needed to transform student-athletes (At) into leaders; parents (Pr), alumni (Al), friends (Fr), supporters (Sr), and fans (F) of Jessup Athletic teams. You can help transform the 265 student-athletes who are competing in a sport at Jessup. Today's leaders must be equipped and experienced in cultivating character (Cr) and integrity (I), promoting teamwork(Tm), achieving goals(Ga), to transform our world. Jessup Athletics builds these key elements into every athlete (At) and Jessup sports team (Tm). It's in our DNA! 


By giving $24 you will make a lasting impact on the Jessup student-athlete and you will help develop new transformational leaders. Match another's gift with your donation and help us achieve our $10,000 goal today! 


Become a social media ambassador and help promote the Jessup Warriors Give24 campaign to 24 others today. Thank You (Th) for your generous gift.

Anonymous Jessup Parent & Thrivent Financial Match
ACHIEVED: $24,000 Match Fulfilled
$24,000 MATCHED
200 Partner Challenge
We reached 200 partners releasing $4,800 to The Jessup Fund
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