Student Discipleship

Providing opportunities to grow spiritually, serve willingly and worship (W) wholeheartedly.


William “Bill” Jessup said, “The best way to change culture is to start a church. The best way to start a church is to start a college.” Almost a century later, Jessup has trained and equipped thousands of Christ-honoring leaders to impact culture to the glory of God.


The core values of Jessup surround two immutable “objects”; Jesus Christ and biblical authority. With Christ the Word as our center, everything we do intentionally supports initiatives that promote the discipleship (Ds) process of our students. Jessup is a place where students are conformed into the image of Christ to reflect His love (Lv), grace (Gr) and truth (T) to the world.


Today, your generous support will provide funds to support spaces and programs that foster the spiritual formation of our future leaders. 


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