Give:24 2018

You, me, and every living thing on Earth, are a mix of mostly carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), with smaller and trace amounts of a variety of other elements. For the past 24 days we've shared 24 elements that make up the DNA of transformational leadership. These elements include love (Lv), community (Co), redemption (Rd), freedom (Fr), character (C), belief (Be), faith (Fa), reason (Re), truth (T) and logic (Lg).


All of these elements are experienced in a transformative way when generous (Gn) men and women like you (U) partner with us to to provide accessible Christ-centered (Cc) excellence. Your support during Give:24 will make it possible for Christ-glorifying leaders to find a home where their faith in Christ is built up, not torn down.

Join us for 24 hours on Thursday, August 24th, to give $24, share with 24 friends, $24,000 of match funds and a goal to gather 240 partners to support The Jessup Fund. Through your generosity (Gn) you (U) will make Jessup more affordable so our current students can continue their education and more accessible for those choosing the university of their choice.


The formula is simple:


Aug 25, 2018

Thank (Th) You (U) for another historic Give:24! On behalf of the President and Board of Trustees thank you to the 238 (goal 240) partners who gave generously (Gn) to make accessible Christ-centered excellence in higher education possible for nearly 1,700 students who begin their journey Monday morning. #Give24

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Only Four Hours Remain!
Aug 24, 2018

Closing on our major goals with just four hours remaining. Currently we have 199 gifts and over $44,000 raised thus far. Help us raise meet 240 gifts and reach $50,000 and another $4,800 will be released to students! Thank you for your amazing generosity! #Give24

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Anonymous Jessup Parent & Thrivent Financial Match
ACHIEVED: $24,000 Match Fulfilled
$24,000 MATCHED
200 Partner Challenge
We reached 200 partners releasing $4,800 to The Jessup Fund
200 / 200 Gifts
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