Help us spread the word about Give:24 and to encourage others to influence generosity toward our student-led initiatives. 

Invest in the Next Generation of Leaders

Give:24 ambassadors create an exponential impact on Jessup students by championing the six student-led initiatives that support their higher education journey.  

Join us by becoming a Give:24 Ambassador in just a few clicks!

  1. Sign up as an ambassador on the right hand side

  2. Give $24 or more on Wednesday, March 24 at

  3. Contact your “2-4 friends” at least one time the week before March 24th.  Spread the word using resources provided in the Ambassador Toolkit page to use sample text, images and videos to share over social media, email or text. Use your custom URL to track how many gifts you personally bring in from your network.


Need Inspiration? We Made Posts Just for You!

  • It’s Give:24 at Jessup! I made a gift to [department/program/fund], and you should, too! Visit #give24

  • It's Jessup's annual Giving Day, and I don’t want you to miss out!  Make your gift today at #give24