The Jessup Fund

Accessible Christ-centered Excellence

We believe today’s student should have access to an exceptional academic experience that enriches the spirit of tomorrow’s leader.


The Jessup Fund provides future leaders accessible Christ-centered excellence in higher education through three main priorities: scholarships, academic excellence and student discipleship. 


Student scholarships create a pathway of transformation by reducing the burden of tuition, decreasing student loan debt, and releasing transformative leaders into our society free to serve in their unique vocations, to the glory of His name.


Academic excellence is the investigation of truth and it's application through love and grace to the world around us. If the word "university" still means "unity in diversity" a Christ-centered education provides future leaders the tools to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our world.


Student discipleship is centered upon Christ as our cornerstone. At Jessup we provide programs, experience, and spaces that promote a deeper knowledge and love for Christ while building character, community and calling. 


An anonymous parent is offering $20,080 match funds . Help us meet this match during Give:24



Jessup Fund Match
Your giving will be doubled to provide accessible Christ-centered excellence in higher education through scholarships, faculty and programs and spaces for Christ-centered spiritual formation.
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