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Academic Excellence

When you attended Jessup your professors were integral in the learning process. Christ-honoring faculty is a distinct hallmark of Jessup. Professionals and experts in their field, our faculty they not only bring a level of excellence in the classroom, they are attentive to the person.


The roots of academic excellence at Jessup stem from Godly wisdom and transformational relationships led by quality faculty. A thriving Christ-centered education includes faculty who invest personally into the lives of the students, provide mentorship opportunities and real world application in their given programs.


Our faculty and programs intentionally integrate the sacred in the ordinary while seeking to fulfill the Lord’s Kingdom purposes on earth. Transformational leadership is producing change and building lives through authenticity, inspiration, empathy and innovation. Academic Excellence at Jessup strives with this end in mind for each and every graduate. 


Today, your support will provide needed funding for faculty and programs that send out exceptionally employable graduates who can effectively share the relevance of Jesus and His Word. 

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