Costume Drive

Art is a major influencer upon our culture and we need men and women who will enter the arts profession who are unequivocally Christian. Today you have a rare opportunity to help future leaders in the arts to shine the light of Christ.


We are calling upon our alumni, parents, friends and patrons to join us in purchasing $150,000 worth of costumes, props and music for $6,000! 


We are asking that you consider donating $25 or more to the Jessup Theatre Costume Drive (the cost of an extra ticket to our winter production)! Any amount we make over $25 will go to creating a legitimate costume and prop shop. 


Your support will aid in:


  • QUALITY PERFORMANCES: Enhance the quality of our productions by supplying a wide variety of costume stock to pull from.

  • SUSTAINABILITY: Aid in developing a revenue generating costume and prop rental shop on campus that will empower us to offer more educational opportunities. 

  • EXPERIENCE: Generate jobs for students who work in the costume and prop rental shop.

  • BACKSTAGE MANAGEMENT: Assist in teaching students how to archive, care for, and manage props and costumes.

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Foster relationships with our community by meeting show rental needs.

  • ADDITIONAL INCOME: Open up new revenue streams for Jessup Theatre that will empower us to offer more educational opportunities. 

Please consider partnering with us to continue our mission of creating the most irresistible experience with live theatre from Reno to San Francisco! 


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