You, me, and every living thing on Earth, are a mix of mostly carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), with smaller and trace amounts of a variety of other elements.


The periodic table is an important but rather dry scientific tool. Beyond the material periodic table there are immaterial elements you and me experience that help us reflect His Image. Each Jessup student has and will experience transformational elements that will forever change their lives. These elements include love (Lv), community (Co), redemption (Rd), freedom (Fr), character (C), belief (Be), faith (Fa), reason (Re), truth (T) and logic (Lg).


All of these elements are experienced in a transformative way when generous men and women like you partner with us to to provide accessible Christ-centered excellence. Your support during Give:24 will make it possible for Christ-glorifying leaders to find a home where their faith in Christ is built up, not torn down.

Join us for 24 hours on Thursday, August 24th, to give $24, share with 24 friends with the goal to gather 240 partners to support The Jessup Fund. Through your generosity (Gn) you will make Jessup more affordable so our current students can continue their education and more accessible for those choosing the university of their choice. These two elements are instrumental in transforming future leaders who will be trained and equipped to reflect the image of Christ in our world. Thank you for your support.

U Element
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On Friday August 24th you (U) can (Be) the reason future ministers, government officials, teachers, health care professionals, artists and business leaders receive accessible Christ-centered excellence in higher education. Your gifts will be matched 100% dollar for dollar, up to $24,000 from midnight to midnight. August 24th,

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Th Element
5 days ago

We are thankful (Th) for your belief (Be) in our future leaders! Because of you alumni (Al) have been transformed (Tr) and are actively transforming communities for the glory of God. During #Give24 you can make Christ-centered higher education accessible so more alumni can be sent into the world to shine the light of Christ. August 24th, #Give24

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Anonymous Jessup Parent Match
A Generous parent of Jessup alumni is matching all gifts during Give:24 up to $20,000
Thrivent Financial Match
Brad Baer of Thrivent Financial is generously matching dollar for dollar up to $4,000 toward The Jessup Fund.
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