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Will You Give24

Give24 is Jessup's annual generosity day where we invite our friends, partners, alumni, churches, staff, and faculty to JOIN us for 24 hours, GIVE $24 and SHARE with 24 friends.

On August 24th, for 24 hours, we are calling upon you! With your passion, generosity and prayer for Christ-centered higher education together we can make a transformational impact upon our world.

Jessup’s vision to redeem world culture is founded upon the idea of training and equipping leaders to enter the mission field in the family, church, business, government, education, health-care and the arts. Students of Jessup are challenged and commissioned to engage the culture in various ways and callings. As our students are built up and sent into the world, would you join them in their gospel initiatives to be the light of Christ? Only with you can we make an eternal impact.


  1. Give2 Christ-centered higher education 4 the integration of faith and learning
  2. Give2 Jessup  4 Partnering with the church
  3. Give2 Students 4 a brighter future
  4. Give2 Archeologists 4 uncovering biblical truth
  5. Give2 Entrepreneurs 4 Innovative Ideas
  6. Give2 Student Scholarships  4 Transformational Leaders
  7. Give2 a missionary 4 world impact
  8. Give2 Counselors 4 Healing Broken Lives
  9. Give2 an artist 4 a more colorful tomorrow
  10. Give2 a voice 4 the hearing impaired
  11. Give2 a musician 4 a new song
  12. Give2 a scientist 4 breaking new ground
  13. Give2 a teacher 4 shaping our youth
  14. Give2 Student Scholarships  4 Spiritual Formation
  15. Give2 a pastor 4 the great commission
  16. Give2 Athletes 4 pressing toward the goal
  17. Give2 Student Life 4 moments that define you
  18. Give2 a Warrior 4 fighting the good fight
  19. Give2 A Social Worker 4 the weary and burdened
  20. Give2 A writer 4 the next chapter
  21. Give2 A Policy Maker 4 future generations
  22. Give2 Environmental Science 4 protecting new and old paths
  23. Give2 Computer Science 4 11100010
  24. Give2 Student Scholarships  4 Graduation Day


Alumni Challenge
Did you graduate from Jessup? If so, your gift counts toward this challenge. With 240 alumni participants on Give24 Alumni can join together to provide 5 new scholarships. Strength in Numbers
240 Gift Goal
Parent Challenge
Are you are parent of a student or an alum? If so, your gift counts toward this challenge. With 240 Parent gifts an additional $5,760 can be gifted in scholarships this year. Strength in Numbers
240 Gift Goal
Red, White and Blue Challenge
Make a gift of $24 and challenge a friend from another state to Give24.
50 Gift Goal
Strength in Numbers Challenge
Jessup is looking for 240 NEW partners during Give24 who believe in Christ-centered higher education and its eternal impact upon our world. Tag and Challenge your friends to give24.
240 Gift Goal
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